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Data Capture/management has undergone new changes in the recent data entry field; Data can be stored in a digital format easily no matter how voluminous the data is. Businesses generate tons of fragmented data in all possible forms like manually printed forms, images, letters, documents and more. When you have to deal with AimDataSoft with different types of data, you need to adopt multiple methods of data capturing based on the original source or form of data.

Types of Data Capturing and Extraction Services:-

  • Data Extraction from online databases such as white pages, yellow pages
  • Business cards, index cards, product warranties, surveys
  • Scanning and data capture
  • On-site data capture
  • Remote data capture
  • Electronic data capture
  • Online extracting product details from websites
  • News, blogs, forums and PR sources links extraction
  • Insurance claims, Medical claims, Patient records
  • Capturing, storing and managing information in large volumes
  • Preparation of documents, their sorting and batching
  • Complete indexing of digital files

Work with our experts team and good quality of work:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools and technology
  • Work data in a suitable file format
  • Quality checks to ensure complete accuracy
  • Typing and manual data entry services
  • Capture data from handwritten, typed and printed documents

Why Outsource Data Capture Services to AimDataSoft?

AimDataSoft Team work with capital of experience of lots of project. We support all businesses outsourcing data of all sizes in entering required data in an easy to access file format.  We work in industry we serve Legal, Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Sports & Games, Real Estate, IT sector, Insurance, Transportation and Manufacture & eCommerce business sector.

Our capability to covers a full range of IT/Business outsourcing services following including offline data entry, online data entry service, handwritten data entry, image data entry, data processing, forms processing, ms-word/excel processing, document image processing, OCR/scanning and indexing, OCR clean up, data management, data mining, web research, data capture, data cleansing, data extraction, adobe pdf conversion, html conversion, eCommerce data entry, product data entry, catalog management, online product upload, photo editing, image enhancement, photo retouching services and all type of outsourcing work.

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