Data Physical, Data Logical and Data View & Structure

Database Entry Systems include of multifaceted data-entry-structures. Data order to create the system well-organized entry in conditions of getting of data in easy view format, and reduce difficulty in terms of users, developers use data abstraction & data creation services.

The main purpose of data abstraction is achieving data independence in order to save time and cost required when the database is modified or altered.

Mainly 3 levels of data Creation and Abstraction:

Data Physical: This is the mainly level of data creation. It know us how create data is actually use to stored in memory. The access methods friendly data use and file organization methods. Size of memory, and the number of times the records are factors which we need to know while designing the data database.

Data Logical: Data comprises of the information that is actually stored in the database in the form of tables or MS Access. It also stores the relationship among the data entities in reasonably simple structures. We can store the data attributes of an employee and relationships.

Data View & Structure: This is the Final and View entry level of data concept. Only a division of the real database is viewed by the user’s friendly interface. This level show to simplicity accessibility of the database by a single user. Users view data in the form of rows, columns and user Graph. Tables and relations are used to store data. Multiple views of the same database may view. Users can just view the data and interact with the database, storage and implement details.

We work following services as well:

  • Data warehouse process
  • Data Mining
  • Data Management
  • Data Processing in Data Mining
  • Data transformation in Data Mining

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