OCR/Data Extraction

OCR Services or optical character recognition is just one of the many areas of expertise that we offer at AimDataSoft. OCR services can be really complex and they require care and careful handling to ensure accurate results. Our team has the in depth knowledge needed to produce accurate OCR services for your business.

OCR Scanning Data Services that we Offer at AimDataSoft:

  • OCR Document Management
  • OCR Internet Publishing
  • Hand Print OCR
  • OCR Native Application Formats
  • Magazine Scanning
  • Paper Scanning
  • Bills/Receipts Scanning
  • Books Scanning
  • Image Scanning
  • Permanent Records Scanning
  • Digital Documents OCR
  • Book Scanning

AimDataSoft India offers efficient, cost-effective and effective OCR services all across India. we can assure you that upon outsourcing these OCR services to us you can concentrate on your business. OCR is used to capture data from image files and is faster than normal data entry processes like keystrokes.

Benefit Offered at AimDataSoft India:-

  • We offer reliable and trusted outsourcing services for more than 10 years.
  • The experts are always ready to offer you best turnaround time.
  • Our professionals deliver high quality and high accuracy services.
  • We have experience and expertise of working with large volumes.
  • The cost effective services are given to suit your budget requirements.
  • 99% data accuracy, double checked before delivery.

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