Catalog Conversion Outsourcing Services

Catalog needs every online store, as a sales and marketing tool. Product catalogs need to be in the format that is the most part suitable for the target viewers and for no difficulty of information access. Catalog data is also stored in stock databases and records, and migration into these formats should ideally be seamless. Our team has much experience of catalog conversion services and back office BPO processes.

Catalog Conversion Services for Diverse Formats:-

  • Maintenance and updating of catalogs
  • Control and frequent control of the products
  • Enhancing, editing and processing of images
  • Providing description for the products
  • Design of product catalog
  • Design of digital catalog
  • Maintenance of paper product catalogs
  • Analysis of the products
  • Documentation of the details related to products

Our process of Catalog Conversion services:

  • Receive Online/Paper catalogs from clients
  • Prepare analysis and documentation
  • Designing of online catalog conversion
  • Designing of user interface
  • Data Formation/Editing and enhancing
  • Accurate/Quality Check

The catalogs are updated on regular basis or as per specifications as received from the client. Our team is expert at processing catalog requirements perfection. We provide the best and cost effective solutions for Catalog Updation.

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